Spiral Tree, LLC:

Spiral Tree is a uniquely formulated team of  arborists who thrive on challenge and aesthetic achievement. Our collective skill sets allow us to non-invasively access otherwise unreachable heights and prune with the eye of professional artists.

Spiral Tree is dedicated to providing Artisan Tree Care


Artists and artistry inform every aspect of our lives.  As tree-care professionals, we use non-invasive climbing technique to ply the art of scientific and aesthetic pruning. Every move is thought out. Each cut is an intentional step toward the end-goal: safe, healthy and beautiful trees.

Trees are more than simply large plants that decorate the homes, businesses & parks in our communities. Trees contribute to clean water, air as well as aid in carbon sequestration.  When properly cared for, trees beautify our environment, raise property value, and contribute to our over all quality of life.  Lastly, trees are FUN to play in, trust us!   We are forever willing to share our passion and our knowledge with our customers while maintaining the health and safety of their part of the world’s tree canopy.

We care for people, we care for trees and we care about the quality of work we offer.  Our day begins with an action plan and flows to a cadence of  team work. By the end of the day, you are left with a safer, healthier and more beautiful tree canopy surrounding  your professional property or home.

Your Trees are our Craft