Light-Footed Business Model:

Intentionally light and small.

We have chosen from the outset to offer uncompromising tree care without compromising our commitment to making our environmental footprint as small as possible.


Along with our minimized visual and environmental impact, our fast and light set-up allows us access and maneuverability where large trucks have problems.  While we are not opposed to using heavy equipment when necessary, we only use it when necessary.  As a rule, we travel in a light truck with a small chipper behind.

Cleaner (Fewer, cleaner emissions)

More affordable (We pass the lower fuel & maintenance costs on to our customers)

We use handsaws wherever possible.  The use of super-sharp, high-quality  handsaws makes smoother cleaner cuts which is better for the tree and they keep noise and emissions and chainsaw maintenance to a minimum.

We only use tree-climbing spikes for certain removals.  Spikes are injurious to trees and can provide insects and diseases a pathway into the tree.  This makes the tree work harder both to heal itself and to fight off pests and disease.


We engineer and employ clever rigging techniques to take the place of equipment like cranes, and boom buckets.  We use the tree, ropes and pulleys, mechanical advantage technique and surrounding trees to safely catch, position and lower branches, logs or in some cases, whole trees.


As owners we do all of the work ourselves.  This means that the person who talks with you during the estimate will, in most cases, be on-site during the work.  This is the only sure-fire quality control since the work is being done by people with an owner’s interest in the company.  This lowers costs by eliminating the taxes and other costs of associated with employees and by eliminating the need for hired management to ensure employees are coordinated and perform their jobs correctly.