ST_Web_Images_006Pruning for Health and Aesthetic

Pruning will  eliminate dead and diseased wood to promote the health and vitality of your trees, and will keep them looking good.

Artistry Fine pruning for Japanese Maples and other delicate ornamentals

We offer both remedial and maintenance pruning for your fine ornamental trees and shrubs.  Certified arborists with experience in artisan pruning techniques can bring out the best in your valuable small trees, shrubs and dwarf conifers.  These trees are pruned by hand one clip at a time by artists who understand tree biology to help your trees stay healthy and beautiful.

Fruit Trees and Home Orchards

Expert remedial and maintenance pruning for your fruit trees



Hazard Trees

Assessment of hazard trees with pruning or safe removal and stump grinding services as required.

Tree Removals

Sometimes it is necessary or expedient to remove a tree in order to create proper spacing for the health of surrounding trees or to replant with more desirable species.  We have the experience and the equipment to safely remove trees in a landscaped area or in close proximity to a home or other structures.