Who we are:

Paithen Larkins  is the founder and backbone of Spiral Tree. His knowledge of tree sciences, proper care and advanced rigging technique make Paithen a strong leader of the company. When away from the canopy, Paithen is an accomplished sailor, cellist, and chess player.  Along with his mastery of trees, Paithen is also a family man, builder, and connoisseur of the finer things in life.


Gerrardo Avila Correa: Climber & Rigger — Many years experience removing and pruning very large trees.  Always a positive  outlook Gerrardo can always find a way to do what might seem impossible.  Smart, brave and competent–everything one could ask for in a climbing arborist.  He can handle large, tricky removals and has a rare eye for natural pruning technique.  I have met only a few climbers with this skill.


Andrew Moody: Climber and Groundsman — Andrew is expanding his climbing and rigging skills and helps us out quite a bit on the ground.

Casey Larson: Groundsman — Casey will help the climber get branches down safely and get your yard back to normal after the work is complete.  We might see him up in the trees soon.


Spiral Tree Video